A Metaphorical representation of various traits or characters

Sri Hanuman (Original)EastThis face removes all blemishes of sin and confers purity of mind.
NarasimhaSouthRemoves fear of enemies and confers victory. Narasimha is the Lion-Man
GarudaWestDrives away evil spells, black magic influences, negative spirits and removes all poisonous effects in one's body.
VarahaNorthWards off the troubles caused by bad influences of the planets and confers all prosperity
HayagrivaUpwards(Urdhva Mukha) face confers knowledge, victory, good wife and progeny.


Kalnemis wife said,Me and my husband Kalnemi lived in Indras court as musicians. One day Rishi Durvasa came to our court and seeing his ugly face we both started laughing. This offended him so much that he cursed us that we will be born as Rakshas on earth. After pleading to him, he had mercy on us and said that the curse will be lifted when Lord Vishnu will incarnate as Shri Ram in treta yug and at that time you both will be born as rakshas in Lanka. During the war when Lakshman, brother of Shri Ram will be injured, then Hanuman on his journey to Dronagiri mountains will come and liberate both of you from this curse.

Hanuman resumed his journey and soon he reached Dronagiri parvat. The whole parvat was glowing and Hanuman failed to identify the correct Booti and since he was running out of time he lifted and carried the entire parvat in his palm and embarked on his journey back to Lanka. Hanumanji carrying a mountainOn his journey back he crossed over Ayodhya. At that time Bharat (Shri Rams yournger brother) was awake. Suddenly he saw a big shadow flying with a mountain. Thinking that he could be a rakshas he shot an arrow towards it. When the arrow hit Hanuman he cried, Shri Ram, Shri Ram! and fell to the ground.

When Bharat heard the name of his brother he ran towards Hanuman and placed his head in his lap. He pleaded him to open his eyes and asked him why is he taking Shri Rams name and who he was? Hanuman narrated him the whole story. Hearing everything Bharat was in total grief. He started crying and asked for forgiveness. Turning towards Hanuman he said,Hanuman! along with this parvat please climb on this arrow of mine and it will take you faster.

Hearing this Hanuman was puzzled that how could an arrow carry his weight and the mountains weight, but soon realized that he is Lord Shri Rams brother and how can he doubt him(Bharat)? Taking Shri Rams name he climbed on that arrow and it took off and flew into the horizon. Back in Lanka everyone was eyeing the sky and suddenly Hanuman appeared carrying the parvat in his palm.The vanars on the ground cheered his name and the whole environment was filled with the chants of Jai Shri Ram and Jai Hanuman. Hanuman had managed to come before dawn.

As soon as he landed on the ground Rajvaidya Sushena rushed towards the parvat and gathered a mix of Jadi bootis (Life saving herbs) and administered it to Lakshman. Within minutes Lakshman woke up and Shri Ram and everyone was overcomed with joy.Both the brothers embraced each other and the whole environment was filled with tears of joy and happiness. Sanjeevani booti was so magical that its smell made all the dead vanars come back to life again. It was the moment of rejoice and celebration among the vanars. Shri Ram thanked Rajvaidya Sushena and asked Hanuman to drop him back to Lanka along with his house.Shri Ram hugged Hanuman and thanked him for saving Lakshmans life.